Sep 11, 2013

Sad and happy - all at once

So once again it happens - it's fall, and I acctually don't really mind the fall that much, it's cosy, sitting at home and watching the rain pour down over a grayish landscape of Stockholm. Worse thing can happen... It does mean ONE thing - that we don't have a place to practice!
Well we do, we get three hours on Friday nights at 7.30 pm until 10.30 pm - and in this time we should be trying to fit our Fresh Meat, our BSTRDs and Allstars... three hours...

During the summer we can practice at an ice-rink, and this year we counted on them not putting ice on until mid-October, like last year... but NO - aperently this year they decided that ice has to go on the 28th of September. So Stockholm Rollerderby will go from four on-skate practices to one in just two weeks. And it makes me sad, like REALLY sad. and it is not like we have not tried to find places to practice, we make do with whatever we have, but it's this stress, the constant stress of not being able to get as good as you want, to be able to push as hard as you could, to never really be able to plan for the future. Stockholm City promises us more times and they are always really excited about us, but they never really put the money were the mouth is!

BUT I am happy because I just did book a ticket going to Portland, I am gonna be there for just a few days, but it makes me superduperhappy, and it's gonna be amazingly fun and an adventure... adn I just can't wait for it to happen! Gotta hang with the coolest person and go to playoffs, see some friends and refersh old memories! Wohooo!


  1. åh! Det är så trisst! De flesta "vanliga" sporter är det en självklarhet med hallar, men en fantastiskt sport som ROLLER DERBY, att det ska vara så svårt? Hoppas att allt löser sig! Hela derbysverige har ju svårt med hallar känns det som, även vi i västerås. Det är dyrt/finns inga tider/eller så är de så små att man knappt får plats att scrimma. Med typ en safety-zone på 0,5m till väggen/elementen/ribbstolar.. inte så skönt att bli intacklad i, eller att vi knappt får plats med OPR eller att skejta till utvisningbåset. HOPPAS som sagt att det dyker upp en bra lösning!

  2. Sucks about the practice space :(
    But you are going to Portland yaaa my home for six years, i do miss it so drink a microbrew and eat tacos at the amazing taco stands!!!!