Sep 5, 2013

Practice in the dark

If you have been following my blog for a while you know that one of Stockholm Rollerderbys largest challanges are to have a place to practice. (exaples of places where we have practiced are a go-cart hall, a circus hanger and varoous schoolyards around Stockholm) During the summer we are lucky enough to have an outdoor hockeyrink that we pretty much have free access to until it's ice-time. This works awesome in the middle of the summer when the sun never sets... but now when the fall is creeping in on us and the days get shorter, we have to have the really sweet janitor to turn on the lights for us. And he always do when we ask him, superawesome for us!
BUT yesterday he just sort of forgot, so I kept on running drills until we REALLY could not see anything.. so finally we had to send Ryssen off to remind him.
At this point in my derbycareer I just can't get upset if practice doesn't go exactly how I have planned, so we just continued and did some walking crossovers and strenght exercise, until our beloved janitor gave us light...

Life is unpredictable and getting upset about things that you can't do anyting about is just counterproductive. ANd trust me, we are looking EVERYWHERE to find a place to practice at. It really is the dream to have our own practice space, I'd love it. Our leauge has so much talent and so much potential, but without a place to skate, it's hard to be what we can be... but to be honest... everyone where just awesome and just kept on skating event thou we couldn't see anything... 

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