Sep 18, 2013

I am just so damn me

Head is spinning...

Next 10 days entail:

Practice tonight
Membersmeeting on Thursday (missing my stepmoms B-day party)
Run practice on Friday
Bout on Saturday
Running bootcamp on Sunday
Clean out and pack up my apartment that I have had for 11 years on Monday and Tuesday
Exam in Organization and Leadership on Wednesday
Move into new apartment on Wednesday
Make sure that our company party runs smothly with food, presentations and everything on Friday
Pack for Portland (don't know when this is supposed to happen)
Go to Portland EARLY Saturday morning
CHILL, hold hands and ENJOY myself for six days... until I land in Helsinki and have two bouts...

Did I mention that I am fulltime at work? And that I am also part-time in school... AND I have two dear friends visiting this weekend... Yikes! Good thing is that I just will not have time to daydream. Oh, I probably will... it's sort of what I do really well! Plan things in my head to execute later...

And for dear all of you... this is NOT complaining, this is rather a statement... I can do this, because I want to. I love keeping busy, and I need to be leaping from thing to thing and then into a pair of strong arms and a loving kiss... and it's good! All good and amazing! I love skatng and bouting! I love roller derby! 

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