Sep 4, 2013

Coaching in Nottingham and meeting Robin Hood

I love coaching, it is superduperfun, but sometimes camps just get too long, everyone get too tired and your brain is melting togehter with all the poor skaters that you are trying to coach something, and they are just too tired to get anything out of it, because their bodies are collapsing.

Lat weekend I coached a camp together with Mater in Nottingham, and it was the best of times. It was just hte perfect time of coaching, 4 hours per day, the groups were just big enough that I felt like I could remember people and give feedback.

The light and the dark... gotta LOVE Mater! 
On Saturday was jammer clinic day and on Sunday was blocker clinic day, and it was super inspiering to see all those girls work so hard! I always get impressed when I go coach, and it warms my rollerderby heart that we have this passion for this sport! Yay for rollerderby! My hamstring is still acting up in different strange ways, so I couldn't join in on the scrimmage... but soon...  Me and Mater stayed with an amazing couple From the Hellfire Harlots (the leauge that was hosting the bootcamp) that fed us and gave us tea and coffee! And of course it was great to see my lovely banktrack wife Mater again. We don't get to see each other to often since she lives in the Seattle area and I am still ligering in Stockholm for most part.

Me and Robin Hood are getting cloooose... 
I also got to see the Robin Hood statue, and got excited, Robin Hood has always been one of my favorites. When I was a kid we would always watch hte Disney version of Robin Hood, we would make our own little bows and I would be Robin Hood, well a female version. I sort of wanted to be Marion too... It was hard trying to combine those two.. .I might still be struggeling with that ;-) 

Lunch in London with Mainey

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