Sep 17, 2013

Last scrimmage and then BOUT!

This Saturday we will be bouting Royal Windsor.. and yesterday was the last scrimmage before the weekend, and it went really well, even if it seems like the fall has brought a nice littel cold to us, everyone of the Allstars seem a little coughy... and on our way out to practice yesterday we were jsut crossing our fingers that the rain hadn't gotten to our track. The place we skate is quite rainproof, but a few times last year when we got our there, the floor was wet from the rain - and we had to figure out alternatives to skating on a track. Rolelrderby has made us all very creative.

I am really looking forward to playing Royal Windsor, last tiem the bout was not the greatest, since that was in Gent and that is when I got injured :-/. So this time I will not get injured and Loony has promised not to get ejected. It's going to be nice to play in front of our home audience and have people cheer for us, it has been a while!

OH OH OHOHHH and our B-team BSTRDs played Oslo last weekend, and did really well, they were just a hot min from winning, so they shold be proud of themselves! 

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