Sep 20, 2013

And tomorrow we bout Royal Windsor here in Stockholm!

So it is - we bout tomorrow, against Royal Windsor, we have played them twice before, both bouts have been very significant for me in two very different ways.

First time was my first bout with Stockholm Rollerderby, and I also benched our B-team. I remember that was when Emma Ryssfemma was still jamming with the the B-team. I remember that the floor was superslick and when we went out that night we were all shocked by the skimpy outfits and heels the Brittish girls were wearing (not the Royal Windsor girls, but just the women in general). Windsor was a really pretty town, and we went on a long walk and I think there was a real fairytale fog over the castle. It was a crazy trip, and so many things happened and it was great and we won.

Second time we bouted Royal Windsor was in Gent during the WFTDA tournament that was held there in May of this year, and it was during that bout I got the injury that I'm still struggeling with. Me and my Physio still have not really figured out what it is, and why, but I'm scedualing an ultrasound, to really figure it out. Doctors have said I am fine, but I'm NOT! Well, well... life goes on! BUT back to the Windsor game, it was fun until I got injured, and I had a little ontrack butch-off with Trashbag. Stockholm did not have a great tournament, for many reasons, but this game we did win, and that felt good, even if I spent the last part of it in an ambulance to an ER room in Belgium.

So this is our first homebout against them, and it is going to be superfun! I am REALLY excited, and so is my team! Also my old teammate and friend Ima Handfull from Rat City is coming for the weekend, and that makes me even more happy! Like superduper happy! 

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