Sep 19, 2013

Wash your damn gear!

Like SEERIOUSLY what make some people think its adorable to be known to have the stinkiest gear? Well, news flash! It's not cool, cute, awesome or any other superlative, it's just stinky!
It's not bad that your pads smell a little, and I'm not bothered by that. BUT when your pads start to smell like death or puke, it has gone to far! There is NOTHING charming or cool about that, just unpleasant for the rest of us that have to stand around you.

And honestly, I do no wash my pads all the time, I am not super-sensitive to smell, I think we all forget about the washing our pads from time to time! My elbow pads are always gross, why is it always the elbow pads? Sometimes I even throw them into the washing maschine, but usually I just hand wash. And when hand washing you can really see HOW dirty they are and that completely grosses me out and make me think that I should do it more often. The hand wash is easy, I just do it in my shower, usually do my scrimmageshirt and other pads at the same time. 
Just hang it up to dry... Mmmmmmmmm smells sooo much better for a week or so! This is not hard - YOU can do it too!

And let's not talk about how I treat my mouth guard - I am honestly horrorfied myself... Once when I was really tired I fell asleep with it still in my sports bra, another time it ended up in the washer, since it was causally put in my shorts pocket... 

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  1. Gud ja. Fick lite dåligt samvete nu, haha! Glömde "vädra" mina skydd sist. De luktade så förjävligt att jag tappade fokus och fick be alla om ursäkt. MY GOD. Nu är de tvättade, TACK OCH LOV! Tycker synd om mina teammates när de fick stå ut med mig förra veckan :(