Sep 13, 2013

My little project - my body

So I guess I decided my body is my little project... It has sucked to be injured, like REALLY, the leg not responding like I am used too, and being in pain. I honestly got over the pain part quite a while ago, to the point where I just feel pain, but it's just there, and I can live with it.
Watching Play-Offs did inspired me, I realized I needed to get better, because I love to skate, and I love to play rollerderby!
I am not about making my body look amazing for some silly bikini, I wanna make it more functional, it's not about some stupid diet that will leave me wanting to eat everythign and nothing. It's about making my body just great for rollerderby, to make me a better player both mentally and physically!

Project ONE: Healing hamstring
I tried to find a Physical Therapist this summer, and I met one guy who sort of blew me off byt saying: do those three exersices and the you will be well in the future, maybe 3 weeks - that did not happen at all, even if I did the exercises that he had given me...So my first step towards REALLY recover was to get my hands on a Physical Therapist that acctually listened to me, and could help. I did manage to do this, I have already been to visit her two times this week, and she seem to find and target my poor damaged muscle. Paticence is not really my vice, but I try... She did tell me I probably should not do contact drills, I still do, but if I get pain I pull away. So I guess I am being as good as I can be... She also told me that with my injury, it might take about six months to heal up.
So this project is for sure on it's way!

Project TWO: Food
I live food, and I really belive that you should not deny yourself waht you like, it will make for an unhappy mind. BUT that does not mean you should gorge on everything, I belive in moderation, and strongly! If I want to have ice-cream after food, I should have ice-cream after food. I just shouldn't eat an entire box by myself, I will just share it with someone... you want some?
I have struggled for so many years to come to terms with food, and we are finally friends, me and food. Food you do not scare me, I like you! I am also obsessed with apples, I do not object to proteinshakes or anything. I just think that the word MODERATION is key! It's not about becomming skinny, it's about becomming healthy, and I think that the best way to do it, is to do waht makes you happy, indulge when you need it, but not ALL the time, eat balanced. You need carbs, you need protein, you need som fat... and we all need more apples (pink ladies are my favorites)

Project THREE: Jamming
Ok, I am putting it out there, right now! I am gonna start jamming more, maybe just in practice, but it's good for me, it freaking scares me, and it's supersilly to say, I have jammed a whole bunch! I have been a main jammer even! Now I can't even remember when I lined up as a jammer (well, I do think last time was against LRR a year ago) and I know I'm not needed on that position in Stockholm Rollerderby, but I wanna overcome my own fears. So I will! I have to! This is the part of my mental training.

Project FOUR: Up with my Arms (watch out Suzy)
Jupp SUCKAZ! When I moved to NYC I challanged Suzys arms... I lost... and I will do it again (challange Suzy not loose)...  It's time... you and me arms... we are gonna go to the gym.. this acctually applies to my entire upperbody, plus my neck. I do get lots of neckpain from fullcontact practices, and I am quite sure because my neck muscles aren't strong enough and my poor little blond head just slingshots allover the place... To make this happen I really need to make time to go to the gym, I am considering lunch-breaks to be it? Maybe? This is one of my hardest challanges, I just don't like going to the gym by myself. I try to at least do 20 push-ups a day at my house, I figure it's better than nothing...

...with more to come.... 
Backing up London Rollergirls - because they have taken it so far!


  1. Jag har sett dig jamma nån gång bara, men tycker det är skithäftigt när du gör det! :)

    Och suzy's armar? JEEEZ! Spännande! Den bruden är biff :) Om du kommer på nån bra träning för nacken är det nog nåt att skriva om kan jag tro, känner många inom derby med just det problemet, att varje gång man får en rejäl axeltackling så får man halvt whiplash.. vill typ köra med stödkrage.

  2. Jamming.. I feel exactly the same. It scares the shit out of me but have also decided to do more jamming at practice because it makes me a better blocker.