Sep 13, 2013

How to make 14 days pass faster

So I am really bad at waiting, I have no patience at all... well, that is not true, but it's limited... And I now need to make the upcomming 14 days to feel like a breeze. It is of course awesome that i have a great friend visiting from NYC.

There is of course also the rollerderby practice that I love, and I am always ridiclously busy, still not busy enough to get my mind not to wanter.

Well, well... I guess that's life! Some things you just gotta deal with, weather you like it or not!

Working out is very high on my list, and I am thinking about that maybe I will make poor Trish run, but considering my hamstring still is not in runnign condiong, I am not sure how that plan witll get executed... .

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