Jul 13, 2011

Weekend in Crime City

Bonnie Bompa, Pia and Finnish girls
Bonnie Bompa, Evil Eye, MadFist, Kneebender and Juicy
Me and Loony had one of those rare weekends that we acctually were in Malmö, the entire weekend... but no rest for the wicked...soo...
This weekend we as in Crime City held a little bootcamp, we had girls from Gothenburg Roller Derby, Aarhus Derby Danes, Kallio Rolling Rainbows, Copenhagen Rollerderby, Stockholm Rollerderby and probably somewhere else attending. And it was the best time ever... it was FUN and we all had a blast. It started up with advanced on Friday, while Saturday was our basic day and ending with Sunday being advanced drills ending in Scrimmage - White vs. Black.
It was good for us, since we had a chance to let the girls, that are skating against London Rockin Rollers on the 23rd of July, skate together. We are running a little of a newer roster since some of our skaters are going to RollerCon in Vegas.

Well, the weekend was a success and everyone seemed like that had a great time, and once again I must say, like I have done so many times before, that it is so amazing to see how European Rollerderby is coming along and how everyone are pushing themselves, each other and developing.

I got to enjoy hanging out in parks, jumping into the ocean all derby sweaty, drinking peoples beers, talking rollerderby and not-rollerderby with a whole bunch of amazing people... and in the end we cut Maloonys hair... but that was not even during the weekend anymore... and Bonnie Bompa supplied her and the two crazy Finns with two bottles of vodka...

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