Jul 24, 2011

I mean serious business... until the afterparty

before party
Soooo.... I woke up this morning and Loony emptied the bag I brought back from the afterparty, and in it she found some money (probably mine), a lighter (not mine I quite smoking almost 4 years ago), Loonys MVP medal, a thing of cottage cheese (I think I might have taken that from the after afterparty), the good-luck mascot that one of our team-mates gave to us (and it was NOT left in my care) and my scarf....  yeah, I have this habit of accumilate things during drunkan shennanigans... I guess I am MUCH more serious on the track than off....

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha! It sounds like you all had a good party night! Love // Evil Eye