Jul 20, 2011

Scrimmage at Stapelbädden

And at this picture Loony is jam-reffing...

It started to rain and I thought we would have to cancel practice - but then we ended up not having to!

First we started with the usual big pack warm-up and then into some never-ending pacelines... good for endurance... and when we were streching the first raindrops started to fall... and then some more.. .so we figured maybe we will get one or two jams in before the rain will hammer down and we will ahve to spend the rest of our practice indoor talking rules and strategy... But OH how wrong we were.... it just sprinkled for a bit and we kept on playing, and all of a sudden we had been playing for 40 minutes and no rain... YAYAAaaa... everyone seem to get more an more comfortable on our outdoor track, we also have a few girls that are developing into quite accomplished derby skaters... CCR are looking better and better... makes me proud and happy.

Today a girl from radio were there and interviewed a few of us, and I got to say my favorite things about derby ''it's a team sport, we are ALL important'' and also that ''rollerderby is a sport, a different but amazing sport, and it is not the apperance that shows who is a derbygirl, but the attitude and the love she carries for rollerderby''... amen


  1. det var en riktigt, riktigt fin träning/scrimmage och jag ste säga att jag verkligen gillar di där neverending pacelinesen.

  2. Oh, bästa Lotta, du är så duktig, det är så glädjande att vara en del av CCR.

  3. tack! CCR gillar att du är en del av ligan.