Jul 4, 2011

Heading South in Sweden and Derby Boot Camp

Always fun to meet and skate with different girls!
After exploring the nature all morning we (me, Loony and Krazy Kris) jumped into the car and are heading back south... Stockholm is done for this time and hopefully we will be back next month. This weekend Crime City are running a little bootcamp, we have girls from Aarhus Derby Danes (Denmark), WestCoast Bombshells (Sweden), Kallio Rolling Rainbows (Finland) and some other random girls coming for the weekend to share som rollerderby fun.
Saturday is for everyone, some basic drills (that you never can do too much of) and endurance and, and on Sunday we also invited some of the Copenhagen girls, since we will scrimmage. This is going to be super duper fun....

It was nice to be in Stockholm and not coach a derby camp, it was nice to talk to people about something else but derby, even if we did sneak in some derby... there is always derby to be snuck in!

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