Jul 21, 2011

Crime City vs. London Rockin Rollers on Saturday

On Saturday, we will be bouting London Rockin Rollers, and we just wrote the line-ups, we had a great scrimmage yesterday and I feel ready and I think the team does. We have never been in the hall where we are bouting before, so the floor will be a little of a suprise... SUPRISE! But I guess life is full of suprises and you just have to live with it...


  1. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-gyLKG27SSfQ/TYkerpLFmqI/AAAAAAAAEgw/A8yk_YzK__M/s1600/fool%2Bfighters.jpg

    So funny how they look so much alike..! I guess great minds work the same ways

  2. yeah, it is not hte first time I have seen a poster with two derbygirls face off... my old leage Jet City had one 3 years ago