Jul 13, 2011

Crime City is now in the WFTDA AP program

This is not a part of the scrimmage...
Hard work pays off! Yayaaaa!!  We celebrated our new status by having a practice on our out-door practice track! Getting ready to play London Rockin Rollers in a 12 days... and we don't currently have an indoor practice space... but hey! We do have a WFTDA regulation track painted for our pleasure in Stapelbäddsparken! Thanks to Malmö City.... coolest city in Sweden, increadably supportive of rollerderby!

And also a HUGE thanks to WFTDA that have accepted us into their AP program, it means so much to us and we are ready to work really hard to become full members! It is AMAZING! Hard work is done and more to be done! And also a big CONGRATULATION to all the other leauges that made it in!

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