Jul 15, 2011

Prepping for coaching tomorrow in Rotterdam

Long walks in the sun in Rotterdam
For some reason we have been sitting around the dinner table and chatted about Major Madness balls, how Fluke Skywalker is his light twin and how Blauwe Bil forgot to buy plates for the food and Loony bought hairdye from a scetchy store on the corner. We also decided that NSO's and Referees are getting a nice off-skate session with Fisty, and so are the more advanced girls too... they are getting treated to an entire hour of off-skate. Me and Loony are feeling nice, so we are NOT going to start the practice with the Black Widow...
Bill made us really amazing food, and now I'm gonna go to bed and NOT think about ball, because there are no balls in derby... so we are just gonna watch the Real L-word.... better than porn, I think it can actually be classified as porn, but there are no balls in that show either.
over and out

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