Jul 23, 2011

Crime City wins over London Rocking Rollers Rising Stars

CCR getting ready to bout!!
It was a little jittery before the bout, because many of or usual skaters are in US, on their own adventures... but it all ended up being all good... I think the final score was 300 - 43... We did our thing and it worked out... I am really proud over how far CCR has come in only 6 months... It is increadble to realize that almost none of the girls on todays roster had EVER played a bout in February, most of them acctually passed minimum skills in January, (some in April). Yeah... I am proud of how great we work together, how dedicated we are and how much fun we have (even if I might yell at them at times...) and Loony finally got the MVP she so well deserved!
But yeah, now I'm home and feeling a little off, I got quite a bad hit to my head, yayaaa... so now I have to decompress and hopefully be well in a little bit so I can go to the afterparty!

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  1. Congrats Swede, I'm sure with your participation in Swedish Derby, Sweden will be a powerhouse in European Derby in the near future