Nov 24, 2010

What do YOU want from me?

(Me and Loony working an event in Denmark, picture from

So this started out as a fitness blog and has turned out to be a derby-fitness-travel-anything-I-do kind of blog!
So now my question to all of you my dear readers are, what do YOU want me to write about? Let me know, it keeps me inspired and writing... and skating... and loving... and all those things that makes me happy!


  1. Keep on what you have been doing, just your normal derby life, and maybe once in a while a little tip on how to get better at different things, like what is the best way to practice jumping on skates?

  2. Jag är ny här och trillade in av en slump men stannade kvar just för att jag gillar ditt sätt att skriva och det du skriver om, fortsätter du så här så stannar jag ett bra tag!

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  4. Remembering your favorite people from the many places you have lived. Like me!

  5. Court O'Leary
    I like to read about what you practice for strength, endurance, derby, etc. When I first started reading, you were quickly recording the amount of work you were doing every day and I thought it was good motivation. But I'd love more detailed info if you are ever in the mood to share! Plus now that you've moved, I think it'd be interesting to read what it is like to join a new team - with new skaters, new rules, new leaders, new levels, etc.

    India Myhre
    I'd like to hear more about you escapades and travels. Scenery, interesting people, differences in rinks around the world.

  6. Hey I Like everything. You write intesresting and fun. So keep on doing it please:D

  7. What do I want from you?

    I want you and Malou to come here and skate with us!!!!

    But I like reading your blog anyways and seeing what you say and do!