Nov 25, 2010

Team Sweden in making

(Winning is fun, just ask Kandy Kakes, photo by Joe Rollerfan )

So Blood and Thunder is having some sort of World Cup in December of 2011, and Sweden is sending a team. Well, me and Bess Irv Cold from STRD decided to start rounding the troops up to form a Swedish team to send to Toronto in 2011.

It's exciting, I have met and coached both the Stockholm and the Malmö girls (and one Gothenburg girl) on several occasions and there is so much talent and determination among them, I LOVE it... plus Sweden does have some non-residing ladies, that still hold a Swedish passport, and kick ass (I heard, since I have only met one of them). So we are on the look for dedicated and funloving derbygirls So if you are Swedish, play derby and interested in being a part of this fab team, you can let me know or fill in this little form that STRD put on their web page, and we will keep you in the loop.

Currently we are just checking in and seeing who might be interested in Team Sweden and then when we know how many are interested we can start the selection process in some fancy way... Cartwheels in skates get extra point... ooops... I was not supposed to say that...never mind... it will all pan out for the best, and we will be the best... I like being the best, and I think that the rest of the girls are up for it too!

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  1. Wicked good tycker jag. Jag har storslagna planer på att gå på try-outs i sthlm i januari, men med tanke på att jag i dagsläget inte kommer ha landslagsskills ett år senare så kommer jag heja så himla hårt på team sweden från vinterkylan här hemma.