Nov 29, 2010

Coaching Stockholm Rollerderby

(Me and Loony coaching in Malmö - Crime City Rollers)

I really start to enjoy coaching more and more, it is really inspiring to coach girls that are eager to learn and work really hard. I do have to say that Stockholm has improved so much since last year about this time! It is a joy to watch European derby grow, and I am really happy that I can be of help to improving derby in all sorts of ways... This sport has given me so much, and I am happy that I can give something back to it!

I know I still have lots and lots and lots to learn, we all do, you can always be better, and it is that drive that will make you battle with and against the best, the will to really want to be better and never settle. But my body is really, REALLY shot, so I am on an offical derbybreak for a while, minus coaching... I will still be on-skates, just not going full throttle into others...

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