Jul 29, 2010

Tomorrow RollerCon

(Me and Krissy Krash last year at the Dance Off Pant's Off party... we toned up since...)

Starting the day off with a Herbalife Shake... well, now I lied, I had coffee and now I am having a herbalife shake... Yummy... Yummmy... orange juice and the Vanilla formula really taste like a popcicle!

I'm not going to Vegas until tomorrow because today is travel-team practice, it is amazing how fast I have adapted to a new team, new strategies and also gained new confidence in my skating. I really love skating with Gotham Girls Allstars, it is very hard work, but also very rewarding... I sometimes feel like falling down crying, but at the same time, I will not become a better skater by falling down crying, so most of the time I don't... I am a sturdy lady, and I keep on trucking...

I don't want to loose weight, maybe two pounds, but for most of it, I am very happy at my weight, I am a mover and a shaker, whilst being very hard to move... 170 pounds just don't go flying easily, I would be a fool trying to loose more than maximum 10 pounds, at least if I wanna continue to be a great derby player at this level...

Tomorrow is RollerCon, I am gonna play a scrimmage or two and then spend time at the pool in my bikini... I never really liked wearing a bikini... I don't know why... but I still like to get a tan... maybe I just should try to go find a nude pool in Vegas... Ahhh... Vegas baby... VEEEGAS!

Travel Team Practice 2 hours
Workout: 1/2 hour of strength and fast feet

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and Herbalife Vanilla Shake with Tangarine Juice
Lunch: TBA
Dinner: TBA

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