Jul 22, 2010

Day FortySix

(Puss n' Glutes and Taylor skating West Side Highway with me)

UGHA... I'm totally burnt, well my back is burnt... it hurts, I knooow... I did get sunscreen today... I had a good time skating with Puss and Taylor, I was a little hung over, but for sure, after skating I did feel a great deal of better.

Travel Team Practice 2 hours
Workout: 1/2 hour of strength and fast feet and skated about 15 miles (that is about 24 km), West Side Highway up and down, about 2 hours of moving on skates...

Breakfast: Chocolate Herbalife Shake with coffee and 2% milk
Lunch: Vegan Sesame Noodle Salad from Whole Foods
Half a watermelon, two cups of Kefir and some coconut
Dinner: Korean Chicken Dinner
Herbalife Berry Protein Drink

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