Jul 1, 2010

Day TwentyFour

(Amazing friend Jenny aka HussInsane is trying her scariest move)

I am still in Sweden, Mad Malooney is coming up from Copenhagen today to join the ranks of awesomeness... I hung out with my loooooongtime friend HussInsane yesterday. She just started to skate a month ago, and she is doing sooo good, I am so proud of her. Her and me had good times snowboarding together years and years ago, and now we have even better times skating together... We also decided that no one coule ever pay us enough to be 20 years old again... ugh...

Roomie Em left me to go to work and now I'm just coughing on the couch, wondering if it might be the cat...

Work out:
70 sit ups and 40 push ups, 1 hour of skating out in Stockholm, good day to skate...

Derby: Leading another Stockholm Roller Derby practice....

Breakfast: Swedish bread with nuts and dried fruit... I love this stuff.. and tea with milk and honey
Herbalife Vanilla Shake
Snack: TBA

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