Jul 28, 2010

Day FortySeven til present

I lost track... I still eat... I still play derby and I still live life as I love it... I think this blog will from now and on be less food based and more derby based... I think that is more or less how I live my life... I love derby and I love food... Uhm... yum! I also love talking about derby and also to blab about everything and nothing... past week I've celebrated Em Dash birthday in CT and then I took off to Philly and visited Sunshine Skate and Miss Fortune...

Yesterday me and Mad Malooney from Copenhagen Roller Derby went to Five Stride and she got herself a pair of 595's... Good choice I'd say! Two thumbs up!

Later on we hit up Manhattan Mayhem (my home team) practice, it is soo awesome to skate with your own team and have your sweetheart there at the same time... Today I waved her off, she is heading to RollerCon 2010, I am going there on Friday... gotta be awesome to see the before and after pictures from the Derbalife 7-week challange...

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