Jul 10, 2010

Day ThirthyFour

(So yeah, my hair got shorter, but I am real happy with it)

I am still jetlagged, and woke up super early, there is still no food at my house, so another morning I had to drag myself to Starbucks... it is so far the closest place with decent coffee around here. Then I skyped with HussINsane and Mad Malooney, that both were hungover in Copenhagen. Ah, I miss Denmark and Sweden, Scandinavia in the summer really is the place to be!
Today Brooklyn and Queens are playing, should be a good match up, and I am working the bout, good times, just gotta find some hot MAYHEM like clothes to wear...

Derby: I am working the Brooklyn vs. Queens game... so no derby for me, just looking at derby!

Workout: 25 min cardio, 120 sit ups, 30 push ups, some triceps, biceps and shoulders...

Breakfast: A Grande Americano with an extra shot, milk and a Greek Yoghurt Parafait with honey and Muesli
Herbalife Vanilla Shake
Bright Eye Blueberry Smoothie from Jamba Juice, and one of there prezels
Slice of Veggie Pizza
Chicken Kebab with Sesame Sauce and small chocolate Haägen-Dazs icecream

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