Jul 12, 2010

Day ThirthySix

(I tried to boost my dykeness and my americanism in the Batting Cage... )

Monday, monday, mooonday.... booked my ticket to RollerCon... I am excited and totally looking forward to this to happen... Get to see Krissy Krash, but also a few of my fellow Scandinavian friends are coming... not to mention that girl that I always have on my mind...

Leauge practice 30 min skating, on the bright side, heal really is feeling better
Workout: 120 sit-ups, 30 push ups, some pilates and off-skates stuff

Breakfast: Vanilla Herbalife Shake with Tangarine Juice and large coffee with 2% milk
A few of those Brazil Nuts
Lunch: Pasta with Pasta Sauce from Whole foods... boooring but it did the job
Cocunut water, 5 of my beloved ginger candies, Chocolate Herbalife Shake with some extra cacao...
Dinner: Chicken sausage with Steamed Green Peas

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