Jul 16, 2010

Day Forty

(My new SKATES)

Went to Five Stride in Queens and hung out with OMG and picked up my new skates. Ahhh... custom made Riedell 595's narrow... that is what I hopefully will be skating Regionals in, if I have broken them in by then.... Oh yeah baby! Oh yeahhhh...
Leaving early tomorrow for Boston, we are watchign the Boston vs. Madison game, and hten playing Madison in a so called 'hangover' bout the next day.
I also talked to my Danish lady, and it is only 10 days left until she comes to NYC to see me before she rolls (no pun intended) to RollerCon in Vegas.

Fridays are a derby free day, I did not even skate...
Workout: 120 sit ups, 60 push ups, 20 min cardio on that dumb machine I hate...

Breakfast: Vanilla Herbalife Shake with Tangarine Juice and large coffee with 2% milk
Snack: 2 pieces of polenta with sprouts half a very delish melon and a LARGE iced coffee
Lunch: Veggie Burrito from the Mexican place nextdoor to Five Stride and a diet coke
Four more pieces of Polenta, some italian hot sausage and a some cocunut and the coconut water that was within it...
Dinner: Harvest Mix CousCous and Chicken with some Hazelnut Brown Ale... YUMMY!!

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