Jul 16, 2010

Day ThirthyNine

(This is how I start every day)

Today was just one of those days... I just started out with craving something... and the cravings never stopped... I am thinking that I might need to front load my days a little more and in htat way get rid of the night snacking cravings...

FINALLY! HEEL is healed enough to skate without immense pain! Travelteam practice was fun fun fun!!
Workout: a bunch of offskate stuff, about 30 min

Breakfast: Vanilla Herbalife Shake with Tangarine Juice and large coffee with 2% milk
Snack: Two table spoons of peanut butter and two table spoons of honey and a piece of banana bread from Starbucks... grrr...
Lunch: Scallops at Ma Peche
Homemade Polenta with some chicken
Dinner: Pasta with a can of tuna and half a cup of peas...
Snack: A cup of pineapple and strawberries... YUMMY!!

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