Mar 18, 2011

Trying a different mouthguard

Me and Loony are trying the ProDent mouthguards today, SwedeVix is considering selling those babies... we just molded them to our teeth - and we are not drooling... Now OFF TO PRACTICE


  1. So what's the verdict? Did the mouthguards work well? Were you able to talk with them in? And did they feel like they'd provide sufficient protection if you got smacked in the mouth? ;D

  2. I like theese mouthgards a lot, i can communicate with my teammates and drink, i put it in at the beginning of the practice and take it out when i take off my skates but I find it a bit hard to mold it so it fits perfectly, i must fix mine every 2-3 months

  3. I really liked it - I was really sceptical to begin with, but it is slowly growing on me. AND keep in mind that my previous moutguard was one I got custom made at the dentist - so I am really used to comfort.

    Loony complains that it is making her mouth really dry - but I guess we both need to drink more water.