Mar 21, 2011

Toestops - my secret love

I love  my toe-stops and I think it has lot's to do with starting my rollerderby journey out west - Rat City really like their derbystops (or turn-around-toes-stops as I say) and we practiced, and practices, and practiced until I can do them on a dime.  I have tried to do all the other stops when I get hit out of bounds, using my toestops have shown to be the most effective, so I have high expectations of my toestops... so saying that toestops don't matter - is like swearing in church.

I have a secret love relationship with the Snyder toestops and  they have served me well in over 40 bouts, they are gripppy and just the size I like them in. I have started to cheat on them slightly with Gumballs that my beloved friends at FiveStride got me for Christmas, they are not AS grippy - but they will last a little longer.
Snyders are sooo not made for any outdoor skating - maybe Id use them for polished concrete in the skatepark - but anywhere outside of that will eat them in a few weeks. Ugh... Well, that was my really early reflections over toestops...
I had to give Loony a ride to the train this morning at 4.30am - since she is going to Berlin with her school - and she is also delivering a bunch of poisons and skatefun for som Berlin girls - yayaaa...


  1. Jag är inte speciellt nöjd med de jag har men inte heller missnöjd - ser fram emot att testa lite olika så småningom.

  2. visst kommer att ta in topestops i olika färger?

  3. SwedeVix will get more little things in soon - and more toestops are one of the tings we are brining in! And knee pads to prtect out knees!