Mar 14, 2011

SwedeVix - a derbystore - by derbygirls

So me and Vix Viking decided to open a roller-derby store - and it officially opened Thursday, but that was in the midst of getting ready to bout Stockholm, so it sort of got lost. I have always dreamed of a derby store - spending time at both Fast Girls and Five Stride - who are owned by some of my really great and adored friends.  SwedeVix are starting really on a small scale, going bigger and bigger. We have lot's and lot's of plans - but as always - we just need to make money to spend money - but we need to spend money to make money... well, so right now we have Poisons, Stingers - wheels that are AMAZING on those slick floors so many of us European leauges have to deal with - we also have outdoor wheels - so we can start skating outdoors - now when the snow finally is melting away. Toe-caps to save your precious skates from falling apart and some other things...

So if you want to support a European derbygirl owned store catering to roller derby girl... Please do!

Let us know whatt you want us to stock, let us know what YOU like and your thoughts - it is really helpful for us - and you can get things you want.


  1. Insane Troll LogicMarch 14, 2011 at 6:23 PM

    If you ever start carrying shirts from the many European leagues, could you let us know? I like collecting them, but buying them individually from each league costs a lot in shipping.

  2. Det är ju bara sååå bra! Fantastiskt! Jag tänker köpa narrow poison, är det nåt du rekommenderar?

  3. Absolut - jag gillar mina Poisons