Mar 7, 2011

First Offical Crime City Scrimmage

We invited Copenhagen Rollerderby and their reffs over for a scrimmage yesterday, they are our closest leauge and have a bunch of very talented skaters. They are bouting Royal Windsor in two weeks, so it was good for both us and them to get a real scrimmage in, since we bout Stockholm this weekend.

It was the first time CCR scrimmaged with line-ups and we even laid down rope on the track, so they got a feel for what it's like. It was quite a scrimmage, and I was very proud of us, everyone have worked really hard to get here, and everyone looked great during the scrimmage.

It has been quite a journey for me, and I have learned how to become a better coach, how to really explain how to play derby, and CCR have been so receptive and hardworking, it has been a joy.

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  1. Silly question maybe. What are the ropes for?