Mar 21, 2011

Getting back... yeah..

 (Ninja this summer at CPH Pride)
So the past months have been very stressful - as most of you have understood, changing continent, changing country, changing city and changing everything is not easy. Leaving that safe haven that your leauge is to venture into a new leauge with different thoughts and skills is hard, but completly doable.
I have gone from being coached to being the coach and from living thousand of miles away from my girlfriend to living on-top of each other in a shoebox.

And somewhere I totally forgot to work out and lost a ton of weight - soooo yeahhh... and that was not fat - it was muscles... but don't worry - I can still skate...

BUT today I went to the gym and did it skating outdoors for the first time of 2011 - and got a gymcard. Ninja and Fenix joined me in a nice chatty work-out at the 24 hour gym that Ninja has talked us all into joining... I love the friends I have made here in Malmö -and Ninja and Fenix are both really awesome and genuine people. We want Ninja to be in the next Gladiators as a contender - it would make me sooo happy, so I told her that if she applies I'll go to the gym with her any day -and the girl LOVES the gym.
Yeaaahhh - it was nice and I feel like I am back on track... and skating outdoors - but my outdoor wheels that I've had for two years are falling apart -and it might be time for a new pair.

And now I'm over at Vix house working on SwedeVix shop - yepp and Loony is in Berlin - and for the rest of the week I have Crime City related meetings - evaluations of the bout last weekend. No rest for the wicked - and I am really starting to feel like I am wicked at points... MOHAHAHahahaha

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