Mar 18, 2011

Getting back in shape

I finally dared to step up on a scale the other day - and I have lost almost 6 kilos (13 lbs) since I left Gotham and NYC, I guess it's sad. I still work out - just not as much - and I think my largest problem is that I forget to eat - since I don't work out as much as I am used to, and the kilos are just falling off my body. I guess it might be stress induced as well - stress, moving, and more stress plus not getting the workout I am used to really have had a major impact on my body. BUT I am about to change this - we are getting some protein powder - and also a gym-membership. There is just not enough time to sleep or eat right now...
The whole thng about being skinny is interesting - I have never been this skinny - not since I was a teenager - and it amazes me that i was working so hard to get this skinny in my 20's - just to realize the it really does not make me happier in any way- I just need to pluck on some more muscles again - it is pivotal for me to be healthy... and to do that I have to eat more and maybe - just maybe drink less coffee... so I started today off with coffee and some YUMMY fish in tomatoe sauce on rye bread... mmmm


  1. mmmmmmm Macarel in tomato sauce, you get the best breath when you eat that!!!

  2. he he he he

    I just do that when Loony is not home