Jan 28, 2013

Scrimmage with Freshies

So we had four girls yesterday that got just passed their minimumskills - and now got to partake in scrimmage for the first time. We made sure that each line only had one girl, and I really tried to be peppy and verbally help the new girl that got to play when I was on track. All participants knew it was their first scrimmage - so we tried to work really hard on teamwork and bootyblocking - rather than big hits. We didn't wanna kill our newbies at their first scrimmage, it's confusing enought to just be oin track for them. And I was really impressed, they all did really well, and all of them got the opportunity to both block and to jam.

Sometimes it's frustrating to tone your game down, but at the same time you know it's good for the leauge in the long-run, so it's ok, plus it's so great to see when the new girls just progress, and progress, and progress... and soonish I hope to see them bout with our B-team. .


  1. Hej! Jag har precis köpt nybörjarskates och undrar om man kan få komma och kolla på en träning? :) Jag är en konststuderande tjej som gillar att gymma och springa och är inte helkass på hockeyrör. Det vore coolt att få se hur ni tränar! Tack för en bra blogg :D

  2. Maila oss på coach@rollerderby.se :-D