Jan 31, 2013

EROC for the third time

So many things have happened the past two years... I had just lived in Europe for about a month when I was asked to come to the first EROC - and it has evolved so much... European derby that is... my German has just gotten a tad better and I've visited Berlin probably about 10 times the past two years... VIVA Berlin... I had a short time I really thougth I wanted to move there, I still might be harboring a secret dream about Berlin... but I love Stockholm and I am getting quite serious about Stockholm being my hometown.

Anna and Titty - my weekend hosts

I am staying with Titty Twista and her GF Anna and I'm psyked to get to spend some quality time with them, just chilling and talking... Maybe some drinks and good food! I've made so many good friends through derby, and I am truly thankful to this sport that has made such a great impact on my life! Last year I stayed with Rotation and Shevil and the year before with MasterBlaster, and I am truly excited to see them all! It will be quite amazing!

When I came to Europe we only had one WFTDA leauge - now we have several - we have so many that we can sit down and discuss at EROC. I am truly happy and excited that rollerderby is pushing forward and to be a part of this! An to all the people that are in derby that have challanged me to be a better player, coach, captain and person in general!

STRD finally got our WFTDA-patches

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