Jan 21, 2013

2013 practices have started again

Back in business... 2013 season has started
Friday we had scrimmage and that was kick-ass... like really awesome and fun, playing rollerderby makes me happy and skating is really kick-ass fun. Lot's of our B-team players are looking just fab... and of course the A-team girls are amazing as always. After practice we went for a beer and enjoyed each others company, and to be honest, sometimes it's really important to just hang out, outside practice... I like it! I love it!

 It's good to be back... even if I made some big decisions about how much time I will devote to derby this season...

I will not go to two derby related meetings the same week, and will neither go to more than two on-skate practices a week, and I will attend the practices that are targeted towards our more advanced skaters. I wanna reserve time for friends, family and otehr experiances... maybe even soem time to catch up on sleeping (I know crazy thought)

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  1. Great decision! Sometimes you just need to take time for yourself, even if it means that you can't do everything you would want. But it's better in the end if you take care of yourself and don't wear yourself out with too much activities!