Jan 21, 2013

An amazing weekend

Sometimes roads just end... Rudeass hitting the wall... 
This weekend was chill but quite awesome, it contained good company, good food, good friends, good movies and ice-skating... I woke up this morning and felt really relaxed and happy...

Saturday was mellow and I went to watch The Godfather on the big screen, and birthday present from Britta, and afterwards we made some version of a pasta carbonara. Before bed-time I swung by Minna and Maloonys move in party... Crash had made a very impressive vagina cake... I think it almost made me blush...

Weather on Sunday was stellar and the plan was to go to the movies all day (Gordfather II and III), but we played hookey and went for a walk and then ice-skating instead. I skipped derby practice, and I felt OK about it, and that my dear friends, does not happen very often. Life is supposed to be about fun and what you adore doing and the people you love in your life... It's about feeling appreciated and pushing yourself and the people around you to be the best they can be. 

Britta is fit for fight for some skating 

Crash is talented and yes - it made me blush

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