Jan 31, 2013

Pissy mood when not working out...

Like SERIOUSLY - I become a freaking PISSY little freak if I don't work out... So after being a completly inpleasent person at work yesterday I grabbed myself to the gym and forced myself upon a 50 min boxing class and then 30 minutes with my fab PT Cai, with him I have sort of a hardcore upperbody/core program - since rollerderby gives me lots of the lowerbody workout...

I have to admitt I felt just amazingly much calmer afterwards all this crazy working out and feeling like I wanted to bite someones head of, and I cannot even blame it on PMS, or maybe I can.... So I went home, made dinner, had to think about three good things during the day and watch an episode of Veronica Marsh.

So note to SELF: You are not allowed to skip the gym/work out, because you become less pleasent to your surroundings, and we don't wanna ruin your reputation of being such a delightful lovley creature... And also you have a big challange coming up on the 3/3 - so you are all about getting fit for that. (Britta you better watch out)

I am so totally BOOKED the next two weeks it is not even close to funny - I am going to EROC, home for two days and then heading to Montpellier to coach at a bootcamp, back home just to head to Malmö to bout CCR... Yes... so I need to get some daily routines in, even when I am away.

Don't get me wrong, I love to travel, and I know it will all be great fun, but I wanna sit on a couch and eat pancakes and watch friends with a special someone, and havign to postpone it three weeks - is just not so great!

My work just got me a membership at SATS - plus I still have five more times left with my PT Cai... plus that I just discovered that all of Friskis and Svettis outdoor classes are free... so when I am no longer booked for traveling - be prepared to find me at a gym or at rollerderby practice...

Yay for the gym

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