Jan 23, 2013

Last night: Shopping for free!

AKA "Klädbytarkväll" (clothes exchanging night)... this was just sooo much fun! And it's so great for the environment, it saves you money and you totally update your wardrobe and your old clothes beome someones new cool clothes.

I think it's just a tad too small, I can't lift my arms
The concept is really easy and simple: Each person get to bring between one to ten items, clothes, shoes, acessories that they don't use anymore, but still think are great. I know we all have some items in our wardrobe that we really like, we just don't think it fit us, or something we bought on sale just to realize that it's just the wrong color. The clothes have to be clean and in nice condition, when you arrive to the "party" you put the clothes in a pile, and then it's just open for everyone to start looking through the things and grab whatever you think is amazing and cool...

Me, Amy and Kix being FAB
So I had about seven people turn up, and I think everyone left the switcheroo night feeling like they had something new, cool and fun with them. I got a awesome dress and sone shirts that will work amazing for work... and I had a great night with friends and we got to try all the clothes on...

We turned Kix into a VERY traditonal looking lesbian and then into a politican, and then we all decided we were Russian mailorder brides and I think we ended the dress-up with some Cabaret style clothes... I totally recommend doing this, it's environmental friendly, cheap, HILLERIOUS and you get to get rid of some clothes and gain some fun additons to your wardrobe!  

CABAREEEEEET... if you only kneeew...

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