Oct 15, 2012

Stockholm vs. Malmö

We won.... The Final Score was STRD 169 – CCR 122
I am very proud of my team - they played very well. After a rocky start we regained our feet under us and started to chip away on the lead that CCR earned. I don't think I have never been so nervous EVER playing a bout, it is really weird to play a team that you feel you aer such a big part of.
I loved Crime City - but Stockholm is "mina drömmars stad" and even when I hate it the most - I love it even more.
AND WE SOLD OUT - over 700 tickets! Yaya! That was REALLY exciting! I'm so excited we had such a fab audience cheering both for us and for Crime City! It was truly lovly and made me hopeful for the future of Swedish Rollerderby!

It is really exciting that Sweden has not only one but two teams that are going to the AP/WFTDA tournament in Berlin, and that we both are really able and work so hard to improve our derby, fitness and awareness.

The bout Saturday was our second sanctioned bout, and we are really hoping to soon become full WFTDA members, there are so many exciting things ahead of us - I love rollerderby - I really do - this is what I do to put a smile on my face. And I know that I at times go close to teh fire and almost burn out, but for most of the times, it's worth it in the end...

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