Oct 6, 2012

How I love to work out...

It really did not start that way, it started as something I would do to improve my rollerderby, and sure I still work out to improve my rollerderby and minimize injuries.
The difference is that I acctually like it much more now, I don't only like it, I freaking LOVE it...  Moving my body everyday makes me happier, it makes me giggle, and it makes my life more worth living.
I really enjoy being fit - and since I hav ereached a certain fitness level - it's not like I have to kick ass every time I work out to see results, but I still try to. I have gotten myself an appointment with a personal trainer once every week - to work on my core and my upperbody - rollerderby takes care of lots of lowerbody and then I need something for my indurance and explosiveness.
I suggest running stairs are a good one - but i still have not met the perfect stairs of Stockholm to work out in.

I know lot's of my friends are "I go out run" but just running per se is not really a derby specific work out, rollerderby contains speedchanges, short rushes, explosiveness and sure running will give you an overall endurance  - but not the endurance you need jam by jam... (I probably also say this because I hate running and I can think about 30 things that are more fun to do than running, and that doesn't even include going to the bar with my friends)


  1. hej! ska på try outs om en månad och tänkte fråga dig om du har tips på hur jag ska träna tills dess? har inga skates att öva med än så det får bli annan träning :) vad ska jag fokusera på?

    och sedan undrar jag ifall ni fortfarande kör swedevix (för visst är det väl du och en annan?) jag har nämligen mailat utan att få svar.:)

  2. AMEN! running is for wierdos..