Oct 29, 2012

Balancing your life

Trust and balance - it's waht we are trying to build in life...

We all love rollerderby to death, but it's a lifeconsuming activty that takes a lot of effort, time and mental energy. In the end, it's all worth it, but sometimes on the road of all meetings, practices, little dramas, hurting limbs and just in general the stress and lack of time does take a toll on you. 
On top of that most of us also have something we like to call our REAL job - that place were we earn money so that we can continue to play that sport we love so much! 
Somedays I wish that I had an extra day in the week, and preferably a few extra hours per day aswell... just so I could fill it with some extra practice/admin/friend/dinner and most of all SLEEEEEP!

Balancing your life when you try to build, improve and run a team/leauge is not the easiest thing, and sometimes you have to remember that you do it because you love it and that rollerderby is not the only thing in the world, even if I do think rollerderby is one of the most important things in life. Rollerderby makes me smile and it also makes me cry...

Right now I 've been in that sort of mental not so pepp funk: Two weekends of bouts after each other, it is not only hard on your body. It is also hard on your mental state, especially when you have to travel to a bout, it sorts of makes a mess of your daily routine.  I tend to be too tired to unpack my bags the day I get back home... and then I tend to never get home early enough to get it done... . I currently have piles of things/clothes laying on my floor, and I am in a dire need of doing laundry... or I soon have to start wearing my "outside panties" (those are the panties you were ontop of your leegings for bouts) as my underpanties... and that is just NOT acceptble...

All focus is currently on the tournament in Berlin, and it's hard to sit at work and not start to write line-ups in your head, or mentally go thorough that last bout in your head and make notes on what we have to improve as a team and as induviduals. I love to skate with Stockholm Rollerderby, those girls are all really amazign people, we respect each other and we skate well togetehr. My mental state has not been the best the past days due to things that are not rollerderby related, and I hate to see it when it affects my derby, and my team. I wish I was one of those people that could feel very passionate about my job, I really don't, my job is a means of getting the funds to do more rollerderby.

This week is just as busy as any other week - tonight the Stockholm Allstars has a meeting at my house... I can offer ppl to sit on my piles of laundry (mmmm sexy)... ehm... and tomorrow night is practice somewhere where we might have a booking (we are struggeling to find a place to practice) on wedensday me and one of our players aer going to bet on horses at the racehorse track Solvalla and on Thursday we will try poledancing... with we I mean the ppl from Stockholm Rollerderby that want to try... since it's one of our girls running the class... this one I will FOR SURE blog about...

BUT there are sometimes those crazy thoughts in my head... what would I do if I didnt have rollerderby... would I eat out more? Would I travel to India? Would I acctually have taken the time to go sailing this summer? Would I have a girlfriend? Would I be really good and amazing at my job...? Would I plan a trip to the Alps to snowboard with some old friends? Would I go to Bali to surf? Would I really learn how to play rugby?

I really don't know, and sometimes I really DO wanna know, and sometimes I really DON't wanna know... But I say as I have done the past weeks "Can we take this after Berlin?"

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  1. oh, u'r poledancing this thursday?? i love poledancing <3 :D tried it once. is there room for a freshie as well? who's running the class? /liebe linn