Oct 11, 2012

Maybe moving inside is a good idea...

What I wore at practice today:

Winter running tights,
sweatpants made into shorts
sports bra
Helly Hansen longsleave
sleaveless hoodie
scrimmage shirt
....and I was still feeling a little chilli...

Today was our last practice at Ekvallen, it's sad since its free and we have a taped track there, and to be honest we have no clue were we are gonna practice for the rest of the year... Yikes! Well, until we can be at Ekvallen again... the reason we have to leave Ekvallen is not because it's getting to cold, but because they are turning it into a real ice-hockey rink... with actual ice on it... yikes...

On the bright side I found a detergent with my name... Yeah my real name - not my derby name...
AND it's BEST IN TEST! They might just mean me!

Last practice for STRD of 2012 at Ekvallen

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