Oct 1, 2012

Open sea!

Right now I'm on open sea - somewhere between Finland and Sweden.

I've had an amazing trip, I'm super proud of our B-team, they kicked ass, I got to pick mushrooms in a sunny Finnish forest and I got to acctually spend some time with friends and just stroll around in a city where they speak a language that is so strange I can't even guess what they are saying. I'm a big fan of Finnish culture, Only tells me I'd be a good Finn. I'm probably not good enough of a Finn to spend as much time at karaoke as they do.

This is the third night we have been at karaoke and I finally sang - Swedish child song - completely sober... And also an older Finnish lady asked me to dance with her, and I did that. Hopefully someone got pictures of that, you can't turn an old lady down, right? Especially not. When her husband is singing karaoke, some Finnish song.

Boats, bout, karaoke and walking in the forest...
And riding in Flukes very fancy car - I don't regret going to Finland this weekend, even if I missed out on watching all of Eastern regionals, but thanks to awesome friends I at least have been able to hear most of the scores from the most exciting games.

the Finns singing

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