Oct 31, 2012

Gothenburg vs. CCR B

Last weekend I took a roadtrip to Gothenburg with Kix and Kim, to go watch CCR' B-team play Gothenburg...
It was great to spend soem time just driving through a very beutiful Sweden, it always strikes me how amazing and striking my native country is, dressed up in orange, yellow and red leaves falling off. The sun is still just a tad warm, and winter is just sneaking up on us... Ahhh...
 last time they met about 8 month ago, CCR beat Gothenburg with over 100 points or somethign like that, I did have a feeling that Gothenburg had gotten much better, sicne tyhey been working really hard the past month... and that really showed during the bout.
It was a nailbiter, and both teams were fighting really hard, there was really great derby played, and I didn't know who to cheer for... CCR were better at pointprotecting while Gothenburg had amazing walls, that worked fantastic together.
It really isn't often that I get to watch derby, and I forgot how much fun it is to sit in the audicence and just watch... and I am acctually allowed to scream at the referees... (not that I ever would... right.... )

Four minutes left and it could go either way... (GBG to the left and CCR to the right)
CCR showing off their new bout shirts! 
Ready set go! 
Kix gives teh game and the afterparty two thumbs of two! 

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