Oct 31, 2012

A fun practice with an element of fitness...

Me and Loony ran practice yesterday, it has been a while since last. We like to run quite intense practices, but also try to throw somethign new in, and something fun... so we ended practice with some syncronized skating... that I tell you all I totally SUCK at... but it makes us all laugh and I mean, Bonnie Thunders was once a syncronized skater... so I am quite sure it will not make us any worse...

As I have said before, we don't have a place to skate, so we get random bookings, so we don't have the permanent days of practice anymore, so we just book and hope that our amazing girls can make it to practice... adn we had a good showing yesterday, the floor was nice and sticky, so I bet more than one of us will feel it in our quads and shins today.

I also threw in some push-ups, sit-ups and otehr strenght exersices for good measure... being fit will make you a MUCH better derby player... or at least a much longer lasting derby player... I now that when I get tired I am more likely to get minors and majors... and I am not much help to my team when I am in the box... taht is also why I think it is important to run practices that are high in intensity, you should be able and used to skating through when you are tired, you should fight til the end and being used to it..

Yesterday practice was one of those practices where I felt liek I was just having fun and playing around, but at the same time getting better, pushing myself to do new things... It was a very good feeling!

So ready to rock... oh yeah... we are sooo cute! 

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