Oct 21, 2012

LRR vs Stockholm

We got up at 4 am to take a flight to bout at 5pm... It was a little stressful when the flight ended up being 45 min late and seriously - trying to get nine derby people to across London is quite like herding cats!
I stuffed my face with food and we managed to find the venue after a train, a subway and a bus... You can't say that London doesn't offer a wide variety of travel options.

So we scurried into the venue, threw our skates on to try the floor that was super odd - slick but grippy. Hard to explain - but it was just weird, but it's the same for everyone.

The game was fun, hard hitting and very, very exciting. London Rockin Rollers has a very good team, and really got us all working hard, it was great to feel that our hard work payed off, but I wasn't even sure we won when the last whistle sounded. The scoreboard was really hard to see, and at one point I looked over an I could have sworn it looked like they were up with 40 points.

Oh, and afterparty was stellar - at a pub and of course half of the team ended up in their sports bras - just seem to happen, good thing I have invested in a pretty one. And LRR was also celebrating that their leauge been around for FIVE years, just like STRD and me... Amazing rollerderby...

Today me and Loony will be goin to London Roller Girls practice, LRG is the other London leauge, the ones that came in fourth at eastern regionals, and that will hopefully be stellar!

You never need too much sparkles!


  1. Congrats! We are all still cursing the fact that there was no stream. From the sounds of it all it would have been an awesome thing to watch!

  2. It was great to finally see Stockholm bouting live, I was very proud of my home city, well done!