Mar 21, 2012

On the bench... for Luleå Rollerderby

Loony coaching and me running lines... 
I really like to bench-coach/run lines, me and Loony did it for GBG a few weeks ago and last weekend we did it for Luleå's Slaughter Daughters, right after we played our own bout against London Brawl Saint... so now I have NOvoice left... (Only thinks its really sexy, and it creeps me out a little... ha ha ha)
Helping Luleå was fun, a little chaotic, since we hadn't had that much time to talk to the girls before the bout. It was their first bout ever - and I think they did STELLAR. I was happy to be in orange again...

Iam really happy we had the opportunity to do this and all the girls were amazing on the bench, and Ithink they can only become better from this and on. The first bout is always nervewrecking - I still get nervous around bouts, I think you should be! 

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