Mar 15, 2012

Ah, I have a third derby wife!

Yes, this was very awkward...
Observe the fathers flowers in the mouth... and trannie mother
Ta daaaaa.... we are married after 2 years of engagement

May I present Smashed not Strrd! We had a lovley wedding during the Stockholm Rollerderby bonding weekend... Our priest Jazz Ass might have been very intoxicated and my derbyfathers Roffe and Krille almost missed the cermony due to unability to put clothes on... the father of the other bride Husse wore clothes worthy a trannie and the flowers were a doll, that Mad Maloony catched.... We did the plank and I picked Smashed up during the cermony and my bestman Kix bought me a stripper, who gave everyone lapdances with the snus almost falling out of her lip... sexy... So I have no doubt that this will go down in history as one of the better derbyweddings... The pictures are all taken by our lovley wedding photographer It's Aliva!

Oh, and as you can tell, we both wore lovley dresses in the colors of Stockholm Rollerderby... and we had the support of the majority of the current skaters of Stockholm Rollerderby... AMAZING!

And the wedding guests.... 

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